A Revolution Back To True Christianity

As I scroll down my Facebook news feed, I can’t help but notice the shear amount of extremists sharing their slanted views.  You’ve got groups like Stuff Fundies Like who will take extreme cases within the Independent Baptist realm and make it out to be the common practice for the whole movement.  And, on the other end of the spectrum, you’ve got ultra conservative groups who will relentlessly slander and deface everyone and everything from Billy Graham to Starbucks coffee.  I’ve even heard blasts against men who had facial hair and flip flops. (Huh?? What??)  Both sides seem to seek to destroy the reputations of everyone of the opposite view.  Both of these extremes, unfortunately, seem to come from the same source: a false understanding of what true biblical Christianity is.  One group is running out of the religious circles throwing hand grenades back in, and the other group is taking those grenades and dishing them right back to those who would leave their religious movement.

All this raging battle is doing to those outside of these two groups is proving, in their minds, that Christianity is nothing less than a horribly destructive religion that promotes extreme brainwashing and abuse (physical, emotion, and spiritual).  And we wonder why people simply aren’t interested in God anymore.  We need to have a revolution back to what true biblical Christianity is supposed to be.

I’m convinced that if Christianity as Jesus Christ Himself intended it is followed again by Christians, we will see a renewed interest of multitudes of people in God again.  The problem is, most groups that call themselves Christians are missing one of two things: Biblical Truth or Christlike Love.  Both have to be present if we are to make an impact in this world.  When we look at the example of Jesus Christ in the Bible, we will notice that he always presents the truth, but never condemns a person based on lifestyle (outside of the Pharisees that is).  Jesus always dealt with people in love and compassion, and lead them to the truth in this manner.  By the way, repentance is a simple byproduct of this approach, not a forced action.  Take your pick of the many examples recorded for us (the woman at the well in John 4, the woman taken in the act of adultery in John 8, etc.)  There’s a principle in the business world that is used that can really be traced back to the example given to us in scripture.  Build relationships with people and the business will take care of itself.  The truth is, if we showed the love of Christ to people and took the time to build a friendship with them, they would at least open their ears to hear us out when we present the truth of the gospel instead of tuning us out on the spot.  I can say from personal experience that nearly everyone God has given me the privilege of sharing the gospel with who trusted Christ as their savior came as a result of an opportunity that opened up because I simply was real with people and developed a friendship with them.  That’s it.  No special gimmicks or manipulation.  I built a friendship and, as a result, they were willing to hear me out because they knew I cared.

If we are to be effective in reaching our world with the gospel of Christ, then we as Christians must do things God’s way.  And, contrary to popular opinion, His way is quite simple.  Show the love of Christ in your life and through your actions.  Share the love of Christ through your words.  And help people grow in the love of Christ by personally taking the time to disciple them.  True Biblical Christianity is not about separating yourself from everything and everyone different than you.  It is not railing against every idea or person that slightly disagrees.  True Christianity is all about sharing God’s message God’s way by God’s power.  When we learn to do this, we’ll be able to accomplish God’s plan for His church.


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